Hello! I’m Bruce Hanson. My wife Amanda and I moved to Naperville in 2000 to settle down, and raise a family. Like you, we want a Healthy, Safe Naperville for our family and for yours. For this reason, I am working hard to become your next Naperville City Council Member on April 2, 2019.

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Why Naperville City Council

15 Years. Four Commissions. I believe that serving others is a reflection of the opportunities in life that I have had. It has always seemed natural to give back and serve. I have been volunteering as a Naperville City Commissioner since 2003 in four different appointed positions. I have invested extensively in getting to know our city, how it works, and how to make it better for all of us. I love public service and for the sake of my children, and for you and your loved-ones, I am all-in for the success of Naperville.


  1. Fiscal Responsibility. As your former Financial Advisory Board Chairman, we worked to right-size our reserves, eliminating the need to collect over $100 million in taxes over the course of nearly a decade. We must do all we can to reduce the taxpayer’s burden. I will continue to rein in City spending and reduce the tax levy, but will never compromise public safety.
  2. Vibrant Naperville. Our growing community needs balance when development opportunities arise. They must be both economically advantageous and respectful of our neighborhoods and sense of community.
  3. Safety and Mental Health Awareness. Together with a concerned group of leaders, we helped craft a mental health awareness ministry, shared among all faith institutions in Naperville, and crafted a partnership with our public safety professionals. Intentionality and leadership results in a Healthy, Safe Naperville.

Public service

Non-profit service

I am a Naperville-based small business owner. My business and volunteer service experience to Naperville have prepared me well to serve as your representative on Naperville City Council.



Our family has been living in Naperville for more than 18 years. Our children were born and raised here and we love Naperville!

My wife Amanda and I have been married for 28 years, and we have 14 year old twins who are freshmen at Naperville North High School. As Amanda and I look to their future – and to that of all residents – we want a Healthy, Safe Naperville for us all to call “home”. This vision inspires me, and is why Naperville City Council is where I wish to serve.


I co-own a Naperville-based business, Intentional Impact, LLC, where I am a leadership and business advisory consultant. I hold an undergraduate degree in French and German literature, with a master’s degree in French political science, economics and history.

I currently serve as an officer on the City of Naperville Planning and Zoning Commission. For more than 15 years, I have been a volunteer on a variety of appointed City Commissions, including as a past Chairman of the City’s Financial Advisory Board, as a SECA Commissioner, and as a Library Trustee.

One of the highlights of my week is leading our twins’ youth group, where I am serving in my 14th year, at Good Shepherd Church here in Naperville.


Public service:

Non-profit service:


We are proud to announce our Growing List of Supporters. Our Host Committee includes the following Naperville residents and leaders:

Hon. Grant Wehrli, Hon. Kevin Coyne, Hon. Warren Dixon III, Hon. Donna Wandke, Hon. Jay Fisher, Gail Niermeyer, Nancy Quigley, Madhu Uppal, Tonia Khouri, Janice Anderson, Chuck Maher, Cathy Hanzelin, Krishna Bansal, Gerry Cassioppi, Kenn Miller, Chris Jacks, Ron Amato, James Hill, Jeff Davis, Bill Liu, Josh McBroom, Brand Bobosky, Mary Ann Bobosky, J. Patrick Benton, Juan Ortiz, Bill Eagan, Vasavi Chakka, Jeff Prosapio, Patrick Branham, Shafeek Abooubaker, Mark Boozell, Barbara Williams, Robert Williams, Monica Lodge, Brad Lodge, Bianca Morin, Jason Morin, Dave Kelsch, Bill Anderson, Peggy Frank, Jeff Haake, Sami Siddiqi, Michael Healy, Anthony Losurdo, Deanna Losurdo, Amy Pease, Scott Pease, Ron Davidson, Joseph Dunn, Jim Groat, Alexa “Mimi” Wagner, Brett Fessler, Tara Gregus, Jerry Buch, Kevin Piket, Peter Bray, Andrew Margulies, Leah Margulies, Alan Leis and Manas Athanikar

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