Why Naperville City Council

17 Years. Four Commissions.

I am PASSIONATE about Naperville! And I believe that serving others is a reflection of the opportunities in life that I have been given. It has always seemed natural – and expected – to give back and serve.

Non-profit volunteering was where I first began shortly after we moved to Naperville in 2000.

Mayor Pradel engaged me early on, quickly after we moved to Naperville, and he appointed me to the Financial Advisory Board as its Chairman in 2003. Many other Naperville leaders invested in me personally from my earliest days living here.

I have been volunteering as a Naperville City Commissioner in four different positions (see which ones here), including my current role as Chairman of the Planning and Zoning Commission.

Relationships are important to me, so I have invested extensively in getting to know our city, how it works, who our city and community leaders are, and how to make sure Naperville stays strong for our children, families and seniors. For all of us.

I love public service and for the sake of our children, and for you and your loved-ones, I am all-in for the continued success of Naperville.


Fiscal Responsibility. As your former Financial Advisory Board Chairman, we identified financial reserves which could be reduced. Doing so resulted in saving taxpayers more than $80 million over a ten year period all while maintaining our AAA bond rating. If elected, I will continue my focus on reining in City spending and reducing the tax levy, but I will never compromise public safety to do so.

Vibrant Naperville. Responsible real estate development means balancing growth while remaining vigilant about and respectful to our neighborhoods and sense of community.

Public Safety and Mental Health Awareness. Intentionality and leadership results in a Healthy, Safe Naperville. Naperville is one of the safest cities in the country, yet we can do more in partnership with our public safety professionals, residents, community leaders and local social services agencies.


I feel a debt of gratitude for the Naperville we moved to nearly 20 years ago. Leaders built this city, and many of them took time to invest in my passion for Naperville. Mayor George Pradel, Charlie Gauger, Mary Ann Bobosky, Mike Skarr, Patrick Benton, Peggy Frank, Sally Pentecost and on and on. Great leaders invested in me to help me invest in Naperville.

We owe it to them to do all we can to make sure Naperville remains the amazing city it is.

For almost 20 years as a Naperville resident, I have never wavered in my community involvement, including founding my small business here!

My community, business, and volunteer service experience to Naperville have prepared me well to serve as your representative on Naperville City Council.

I ask for your vote on April 2, 2019!

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